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I love meeting new people, talking to people from different walks of life. I find the infinite variety of their life experiences fascinating, and most of the time I walk away enriched by their stories. For me, even the worst moment of initial awkwardness is a tiny price for a glimpse into someone's soul. I love Thanksgiving for its atmosphere of gratitude. Among my many blessings, perhaps the one I treasure most is a great number of interesting people I have met in my life. I am most grateful for the fact that I could easily at any given moment name three or four dozen people, whom I genuinely admire for different reasons. Between friends and colleagues, mentors and students, I have been offered support, valuble lessons and new ways of perceiving things by people with integrity, insight, humor, wit, honesty, tact, talent, brilliance, as well as vastly different socio-economic, ethnic and professional backgrounds. And for that, I am truly grateful!

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